Ringdoorbell 3 and solar charger keeps going offline

I purchased the official Ring doorbell Solar charger.

After installing it and confirming it’s connected and charging my Ringdoorbell 3 on the app,after a few hours the ringdoorbell has gone offline. So I reset the doorbell and again its all working nicely for a few hours and then it goes offline again.

Going offline has only happened since I installed the solar charger.

Any ideas on how i can stop this from happening?



Yes, this has happened to me as well since I connected the solar panel , every day it goes offline. The battery is being charged and always has 100% Health. I’m connected to another brand and not ring but it is working. So why does it go offline???

Hi there, neighbors! If you’ve added charging accessories and can confirm the battery is getting a charge from them as intended, your Video Doorbell should not fall offline. A fully charged device falling offline will likely be related to wifi signal strength, or RSSI. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing this connection. :slight_smile: