RingDoorBell 2

Hello everybody,

My RingdoorBell2 does not record the video footage when someone walks towards the door, but does record when someone leaves the door.

Has anyone experienced this issue? Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

Hi @WATCHDOG-LANE. It looks like you may need to adjust your motion sensitivity settings so that the device captures the person walking up before they have already passed the Doorbell’s sensor range. Check out our Ring Help Center Article here for more information on how to optimize your settings for your Ring device and let us know if the quality improves after adjusting your settings. :smiley_cat:

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Thank you very much for your advice.

Will certainly try what you suggested and get back to you .

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I am sorry these instructions did not help as the RingDoor Bell 2 does not capture when the person walks to the door . Any advice would be much appreciated .

Hey @WATCHDOG-LANE! An approaching visitor should definitely be captured. The best settings to check for this are motion sensitivity and motion frequency. Setting the motion frequency to “frequent” will ensure there is not a pause between captured events to save battery life. This will optimize motion detection.

If there are stairs or a hill leading to your entryway, there might be the need for a Wedge Kit piece which can fine tune the motion detection field of view. If this concern persists after trying the above, feel free to reach out to our support team for more in-depth troubleshooting. :slight_smile: