Ring2 not charging on Hardwire

I’ve had my Ring2 for about 2 years. It’s hardwired and for the first 18 months or so it was fine, no issues. Then suddenly, around October, 2019, the hardwire stopped working and it started running off the battery only. When I look at device health it shows me the power source is hardwired, however, the battery shows 77% (today) and uses about 3% per day. Since October-ish I’ve had to take the battery out and charge it. This didn’t happen the first 18 months, or so, I had the Ring 2. From looking on here this seems to be a pretty common problem. Ring, what are you going to do about this???

Hey @SonjaM. If the Ring app is reporting the device as hardwired, then your device should be getting a trickle charge from the setup, as long as it’s compatible. Since it was working before, I would assume it is still working, but you may have excessive motion which is causing the battery drainage. How many events (Live View, Linked Device, motion and dings) do you have a day? If you’re having more than 10 events a day, this could explain the discharge that you see more of over time. Please note that you may still need to take down the device or the battery to charge it up occasionally, but managing your motion settings to have less events could help the battery’s performance.

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Hi Chelsea. Nothing has changed as far as how many events per day. The battery is not charging at all unless I remove it and manually charge it. It just does down every single day. The first 18 months I did not charge the battery at all, the hardwire kept it charged. Then suddenly it changed and now the battery percentage goes down every day and has to been charged about 1 a month. Not efficient and not what I paid for. I’m very unhappy with how this has changed since approximately October. Looking to replace now and will probably not go with a Ring product based on this experience.

I called Ring support. They told me that when it’s set up, it needs to have hardwired power when it’s installed. Then the firmware knows to charge it. If it’s set up and installed without hardwired power, but hardwired power is added later, then it’s not configured to use the hardwired power. They told me to reset the device, set it up again before placing it in the adapter, then place it in the adapter. The app should show it as having hardwired power. Currently, my app shows it as battery powered, so it won’t take power from the transformer. To check, on your app go to Devices then click on the device then click on Device Health. Look at the Power Source.


Hi Bob, my power souce says “Hardwired”. But it does not charge the battery anymore. It did for the first 18 months or so then stopped. I believer Ring made a change in their software at some point as I’m not the only person with this problem.

I’m not sure why this is marked as solved. I’m having the exact same issue as @SonjaM. My Ring2 has been hardwired for more than 2 years without issue. Within the last 6 months, I got a noticiation saying that the battery was depleated. The power source still says hardwired, but I’m losing about 1-2% a day. I turned off all non-essential activity and it maybe goes off once a day. Ring’s silence on this is absolute trash.

I just got the ring doorbell 3. I have it hardwired and the battery appeared to not be charging. Someone posted some fine print showing it charges when battery falls below 90%. I read my fine print and charging is not the main purpose of hardwiring. I was under the impression it was but it’s in the paperwork. Yesterday by battery was down to 90% and this morning it is at 100%. I think the trickle charge is to maintain a charge between 90 and 100%. The advertisement gives the impression that hardwired keeps it at 100%