Ring2 Battery not recharging

I have 2 new Ring2s. Both hardwired to my existing doorbell. Both indicate hardwired. One battery keeps st 98%. This Ring2 is used frequently because it gets a lot of motion. The other is down to 75% and gets little motion activity. Both were charged to 100% , 3 weeks ago when i installed. Any ideas on the 75% battery??? Thanks

Good question @Tyler! For the most part, your battery levels should be similar if both were charged to 100% and one Doorbell is not used more than another. Keep in mind that environments can vary, and although there is not as much motion on one, it might be seeing other variables.

Check out our Community post for tips on a quickly draining battery. Besides motion events, duration of live streams, temperature, and even signal strength (RSSI) can also affect the battery. The best test might be to charge them both to 100 % and swap the battery to the opposite Doorbell 2 than they were in originally. Let me know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Well I was going to buy a new battery because my wife bought our Ring2s refurbished. I took out the 75% batter and charged it overnight. It’s been a few days, and it’s holding 100% now.

Does it matter at what % you charge a battery? Can you charge them at any % without adding a memory to it?? I just hardwired my Ring2 on my garage and it’s getting charged now. I bought a transformer, and a resister. I did the wiring myself and it’s online as hardwired, Yay!!!

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I have them all at 100% now, even the most used stays at 100%. I added a transformer without a physical bell to the on on my garage door. I hard wired to an elec box, then to a resister, then to the ring through the garage wall. Works perfect now…

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I have done everything I know to do on my new ring doorbell 2 but not working! I put up my first ring myself and it was fine! Don’t have it no more! Any suggestions?