Ring: You are lying about your Ring Doorbell Battery Power Level

Imagine my surprise when I got a email from ring informing me that it was time to recharge my battery on my Ring Doorbell… especially when said battery was sitting in my desk draw. This was a few months after I had take the battery out of the Ring Doorbell, and replaced it with an uninterruptible power supply.

After trying about 10 different transformers, it was clear that Ring Doorbell simply doesn’t work with an AC power supply. This is not to mean that the unit doesn’t recognise the transformer, this means it’s useless when it is attached, and doesn’t keep the battery charged.

The Ring Doorbell is a very disappointing device. However since I had invested so much, and was not using any of the features (to save battery power) and having gone out and bought yet another battery so I could swap the batteries out (the most ludicrous concept ever!). I decided to take matters into my own hands.

With my spare battery in hand, I carefully opened the sealed battery, I noticed that inside was a simple charge controller, and a power source - Two 4.2 volt batteries. I simply cut the red and black cable, and put my 4.2 volt supply directly onto these cables. The thin supply cable was then put through a hole in the case, and the case was sealed up again.

There must be simply thousands of different types of these adapters for Canon cameras: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=canon+power+supply+adapter
It simply blew my mind that Ring had not thought of such a simple solution.

Well… I think I know why… As you can imagine, when an email came a few months later, saying that the battery needed changing, well, you can just imagine the confusion and frustration. What battery!!!

Why do Ring have to “calculate” and “assume” the battery level, just detect it, just like it does when it starts up. Now I have to go to the unit, unplug it, wait a few seconds, and plug it in again, for it to show the correct full 100% battery again, and start this charade all over gain.

It must be said, that other than having to power cycle the unit every few months, for no real reason, the ups solution works flawlessly!

Since it works for the vast majority of Ring Doorbell users just fine one could only assume your own tinkering is causing your issues. Hopefully others who read this post will refrain from damaging their own equipment.