Ring, wurst

Hello! I’m currently using a Google nest doorbell wired first GEN, and I’m not particularly happy with it, I’m looking for some notification features that it doesn’t seem to have. Maybe the ring doorbell products do… Perhaps someone can share with me? I’m looking to customize notifications on my iPhone, so that when somebody rings the doorbell, I immediately get notified, however, I do not want to be notified of all motion and people passing by in front of the camera, the reason being I live in an apartment building and there is a lot of traffic in common hallway. Can the ring doorbell do one while not doing the other? I’m really surprised that the nest doorbell can’t do these symbol, customizations, and I’m looking to make a change as soon as possible.

Hi @JKNYC. Yes, for our Ring Video Doorbells, you can toggle off Motion Notifications and keep notifications on for when someone actually rings the Doorbell. You can also use other features like Motion Snooze or Motion Schedules. I hope this is what you are looking for.

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