Ring Wireless Doorbell 2nd gen or 3rd gen

I am at the point of buying a Ring Wireless Doorbell. Which generation would you recommend please and why?
I have the ring app on my phone, because I am logged into my daughters doorbell. Can I use the same app to set up an additional account for my new Doorbell?
Do I need to buy additional items apart from the Doorbell?
Many thanks for any help.

Hi @Arthuritus. For battery doorbells, we have the Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) and the Battery Doorbell Plus. Both of these Doorbell models send notifications to your phone when someone presses your doorbell or triggers the built-in motion sensors. When you answer the notification, you can see, hear, and speak to visitors using the Ring app on your phone.

The main difference between the Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) and Battery Doorbell Plus is that the Battery Doorbell Plus offers 1536p HD+ video and a taller Head-to-Toe field of view, while the Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) offers 1080p HD video. Both models will include the necessary materials for installation in their box, and you can set them up in the Ring app under your same Ring account that you currently use. :slight_smile:

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