Ring wireless Cameras are pure hot trash!

After using ring wireless doorbell and 5 wireless stick up cameras and 1 wired indoor camera, I’ve came to the conclusion that this product is a rip off and pure hot trash aka city dump material. These cameras are more of an expensive alert system than a security camera recording system. You only get up to 120 seconds of record which is terrible, the first 60 seconds of the 120 seconds will be used up by camera buffering and stabilizing even with the fastest internet connection. Not to mention the longer you set your camera the faster your battery dies. These made in China cameras are horrible. I’m pretty sure the ring a.I will respond with some nonsense or maybe even block the post from being seen , but let people stress their opinions about your horrible product. Ring even monitors the comments on the community feed section of the camera alerts. I ordered these same style cameras from alaibaba for 5$ a piece and they’re even better. It’s 2023 step up your wireless technology.

Sadly I have to agree, With the desktop application the cameras were at least usable (and using the android app on the same network they still are) but now having to access them via ring.com the performance is diabolical and utterly useless as a security product.

Totally agree. These cameras are infuriating. A marching band can walk by and it won’t record yet someone walking their dog 100 yards away registers. Their tech support try to blame wifi signal and zones. NOPE, just a piece of junk. Echos aren’t much better. Thinking about trashing all Amazon products and starting over. VERY DISAPPOINTED