Ring Wired - not enough power after App update

Hi all,

I have a Ring Doorbell Wired which was working fine up to yesterday. My ring app on my phone updated (v5.45.0), and when I was viewing my video feed, the doorbell lost wifi connection. I tried to reset it up through the App, but it’s saying my doorbell transformer doesn’t supply enough power.

Please see pic of my transformer attached.

Please help. Thanks. Ray

Hi @raycallaghan. For power requirements on the Video Doorbell Wired, it requires an existing doorbell system, a Ring Plug-In Adapter or a transformer for power supply (10-24 VAC, 40VA max, 50/60Hz, or 24VDC, 0.5A, 12W). Once you’ve made sure your transformer meets these power requirements, double-check the installation steps and make sure everything looks properly installed with your Doorbell Wired. You may also want to consult a qualified electrician if you’re not sure about the transformer or any of the wiring.

I too have same problem but I was using a solar panel from Ring. Electrician checked it and no output so returned it. Am trying transformer now with specified power 8-24VAC 50-60hz. 2 hours later only charged up 1% and now can’t get updated reading of charged level as power button has disappeared. Transformer burning hot