Ring wired is not receiving any power not is my address light

So I just bought a new house and a new Ring wired doorbell. I installed the camera yesterday and followed the step by step instructions as in the box, and also online video. After completing the install, and turned on the breaker, no power to the ring nor my address light. Spoke to a Ring rep, they had me reinstall and let the Ring wired charge overnight, note my address light is off, so there is no power being fed through to the wires to the light and Ring wired. What did I miss here?
Did the instructions short my chime box, transformer? All the lights still work and the wall outlets around the address light and doorbell still work. Need some helps to figure out how to restore the power and potential return this useless toy.

Hi there, @Ppll4! As long as your location has power, and the wiring you are connecting to the Video Doorbell Wired is also connected to a transformer, the Video Doorbell Wired should power up. Here is our Help Center article with installation steps and a video.

A similar scenario happened to me personally when installing a Video Doorbell Pro 2 recently. I went to connect my wires and forgot to shut off the breaker, so when they touched too much it actually tripped my breaker. I then had to figure out which breaker controlled the transformer at the end of the wires, which happened to be my laundry room area where it was located. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: