Ring Wired hangs after one ring


I’m starting to lose hope with this doorbell.

After setting up it tends to work for 1-2 rings (i.e. I get a mobile notification, Chime rings, Live view works, etc) and afterwards I can’t get Live View anymore, solid white light is up on the doorbell. Pressing the doorbell might make the doorbell itself ring, but the chime or my phone doesn’t ring anymore and motion detection wouldn’t work either. It’s as if it just hangs. In some time it just shows offline, despite being connected to WiFi and reachable from my pc (Running a ping from my pc to the doorbell IP - ping is 1-5ms without timeouts - so WIFI is working fine. )

-Wifi from my phone next to the doorbell is approximately 100/100 mbps upload/download with v low ping. Wifi in the house is strong with good speeds.

Device health shows:

-Voltage (Good) - 19v (actually measuring 24v (dc) in the cable at the doorbell)

-Wifi - green (rssi around 52)

-Firmware says ‘Up to date’, however i’ve noticed that after some resets (i have tried a few) it tries to install an update and says i’d take 15 minutes.

The doorbell just decides to stop working and doing what a doorbell is supposed to do.

Any ideas ?

Hi @RandomFact. Which specific model Doorbell do you have? I would first check the connections on the back of the Doorbell to ensure that they are nice and tight. Also, make sure that you are using the correct gauge wire, and it’s not too thick or too thin.