Ring Wired Flood Light Cam Not Switching Back From Night View

My Ring wired flood light cam won’t switch back from night view. My day picture is all red. This has been going on for a year now. If I tap the sides of the cam it will get the picture back but after it goes into night view it comes back red for the next day. Anyone else have this problem and any possible fixes? Can I just replace the bad cam with a newer one if this part is sold separately? Anyone had help from customer service with a replacement free of charge because this shouldn’t be acting like this.

Hi @Gmarino1967. Looks like there is a community post here where other neighbors have had the same concern. There are troubleshooting steps in that post you can review where others have had success. I hope this helps!

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I know the problem i just need to know the fix. Customer support doesn’t help. Numerous customers are having the same issues with their flood cams. The night vision isn’t reverting back or switching off when daytime hits. Smacking the side of the camera is a temporary fix until night vision comes on. We need to be able turn in our defective flood light cameras and recieve an upgraded fixed model. I can see a class action suite in Rings future.

Hi @Gmarino1967, happy to step in here. If the troubleshooting steps advised in the thread Justin shared don’t resolve this, you would need to follow up with our support team for further assistance. Our support team is able to ensure all applicable troubleshooting steps have been done and can review your device’s warranty to determine the best resolution.