Ring Wired Flood Camera not connecting

Two days ago my flood light camera disconnected from the internet, I have been trying to reconnect it. I have done the hard factory reset but nothing happens. all I see is 6 red lights. I cannot get the white light on the bottom to turn flash to reconnect it. I have deleted the camera from the app to try to start from the beginning. The only thing is these 6 red lights when I unplugged and powered back on The camera.I still a hard wire camera so I know the camera has power. (I have attached a picture of what I am seeing) Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don’t even think the camera is a year old.

Have you been able to get it set up @Bzimmerman ? You may need to call our support team for more in depth troubleshooting. If you’re within warranty, and it warrants a replacement, we’ll be sure to get you all sorted out. Thanks!

Hi I’m having the exact same issue!