Ring wired doorbell

Bought a Ring wired video doorbell on Amazon, not the Ring website. Set it up and disposed of the QR code so that nobody else at my door could easily take off border plate and use it themselves. Used for two weeks and loved it. Then I was forced to change my internet provider. I deleted the device (wouldn’t link to new Wifi) then went to set up the device again. Only to find out, I couldn’t set it up without the one tiny 3/4 square inch sticker that they sent me. Called Amazon to figure out how to fix, they said I needed to return it for a new one, but my warranty was 14 days out and they said it would take 2.5-3 weeks for them to process my return, passing my warranty time. I then called Ring for help and they couldn’t do jack because I bought it off Amazon. So I paid for a device that I could only use for 2 weeks. Will be posting this on every review site that I can find. Loved the device, support/setup options made me never want to buy this product again.