Ring wired doorbell through Friedland 4 chime

Hello I’d be really grateful for advice on which two terminals to wire my bypass jumper into on this chime.

There is 12V across the top two (0 and 1), and 12V across the bottom two (2 and 3). I assume it’s 2 and 3? I was expecting two wires to be wired to the same terminal, so am a bit confused as to why all four wires are in. The chime isn’t working at the moment, but there is 12V at the doorbell.

Many thanks

I’ve looked for online manuals for the type 4. Examples I’ve found like the one below show the chime between 0 and 3, with terminal 2 unused. If that’s correct, I can’t understand why someone has wired my return into 1 and 2 rather than both into 1, nor why I am measuring 12V horizontally and not vertically.

I am minded to try bypassing 0 and 3 with the cable, but I am not sure whether to move the connection at terminal 2 to terminal 1 at the same time?

For the benefit of others - I now have this working. It was correct to bypass terminals 0 and 3 with the jumper cable, but it did not work until I moved the existing connection at terminal 2 to be together with the connection at terminal 1. Someone must have wired the chime incorrectly in the past. It probably explains why the doorbell wasn’t working, and the chime may have been okay after all.

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Hi, im trying to get my chime to work with the wired ring doorbell and have the same chime as you, would you mind putting up a picture of how you wired it to get it to work please as mine wont work with the ring bell once its wired in

Hi @ahern187. As mentioned on the product page for this Doorbell, the Ring Video Doorbell Wired will not sound any preexisting chimes. What I believe the neighbor who posted the original post was trying to figure out is how to install the jumper cable to get the Doorbell Wired to power up correctly. If you would like to have a Doorbell Wired chime inside your home, you can purchase a Ring Chime. I hope this helps.

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