Ring Wired Doorbell - New Construction Wiring

Lots of documentation on how the new Ring Wired Doorbell gets installed by putting in a jumper on your existing doorbell chime. I’m in the process of wiring a new construction home and its not clear whether I can just run low voltage wire from the doorbell directly to the transformer. I’m guessing I can but just want to make sure.

Glad you asked, @mpelant! The Video Doorbell is intended to be installed using an existing chime kit and the jumper cable, however, there are other wiring options the Video Doorbell. Specific to your request to power direct to transformer, check out this Community thread discussing just that.

Alternatively, you can also power the Video Doorbell Wired using this Plug-In Adapter. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks @Marley_Ring. The Community Thread you pointed me to helped but it still isn’t clear whether you can connect directly to a transformer. I’m seeing reports in there of “power overload” errors and its not clear if that is truly an issue caused by connecting directly to a transformer or whether there was (is) an issue with the doorbell falsely reporting this.

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I’ll be happy to clarify further, @mpelant. In that particular instance seen in the linked thread, the power error indicator was an improper reading, and has since been resolved. Thus, your device health will be accurate when displaying your resources.

The Video Doorbell Wired can be connected directly to a transformer that meets the appropriate power rating. We do advise getting a licensed electrician to perform this installation if you are unsure the best method or if it is required in your area/ building code.

So, is that yes, you can eliminate the old door bell chime and wire the two leads together ? And confirming the “jumper cable” has no resister built in?

I am in the same boat, I don’t want the ugly 30 year old door bell chime on the wall, I want to putty the hole where the wires came through and paint over it.

Hi @LLB. The Jumper Cable is not a resistor.

I hope this helps.

Still not clear on what to do. Can I wrap the wires that lead to Term and Front on the old chime together and cover with electrical tape to complete the circuit ?

Hi @crm2706. You can find the installation instructions for the Doorbell Wired here. If you’re trying to wire the Doorbell directly to a transformer, you may want to contact a qualified electrician for further assistance as the Doorbell is designed to be wired to an existing doorbell circuit or powered by the Plug-In Adapter (2nd Gen). A qualified electrician can help guide you on wiring the Doorbell directly to a compatible transformer and ensure it’s done so safely.