Ring Wired Doorbell + Friedland Type 6

I am going to install a Ring Wired Doorbell in place of my existing Friedland Type 6 doorbell. I have read other posts relating to this install, but the images have different wiring to my existing doorbell.

Could someone assist in advising which wires i need to disconnet/bypass.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Siddys1974. We can’t tell from this image alone. We also need to see the wires on where your existing Doorbell is located and the wires coming from your transformer. Once you have the colors of all three matched up, that will let you know which ones to bypass.

Thanks for the reply, photo of rear of doorbell push button. I expect it wont help as the colours dont correspond with the main box unit wiring?

Unfortunately i cannot locate the transformer there is nothing near the doorbell box or push button?

I have exactly the same doorbell and the transformer is in my consumer unit, a Byron 7770. See grey blob taking up spaces 7 + 8 in attached image.
I would like to be able to use the existing doorbell with a Ring Video Pro 2 and wondered if this is possible @Tom_Ring ?

I expect this is my transformer

Hi @Siddys1974. I am happy to chime in. If that is your transformer, then it is sufficient to power up your Doorbell Wired. Since the installation directions say the Jumper Cable needs to go on the trans and front terminals, I would recommend reaching out to the manufacturer of your chime to find out which terminals represent front and trans. That would help you find out where to place the Jumper Cable. As for the third wire, I would recommend consulting a qualified electrician for help on what to do with it. We also have this Help Center article that includes wiring diagrams for the Doorbell Wired.

Hi @TheT. The transformer you shared a picture of says it has a power output of 8V, which is not going to be enough to power up your Doorbell Pro 2. The Pro 2 requires a 16-24V AC, 10-40 VA, 50/60Hz transformer.