Ring Wired Doorbell & DETA A/C 220 Volts ~ 50hz

So I have recently bought a ring doorbell. I’m not fussed about the chime working as will use the amazon echo dot’s however looking into the powered box for the chime I cannot see where to install the bypass wire?

Its a DETA C3500A Saying A/C 220 -240 Volts~50Hz. And from inside there is a AC 230v and a Bell Push area. I’ve attached a photo and seeing if anyone can shed any light to I can power up the Ring Doorbell Wired. Thanks in advance.

The Deta chimes aren’t compatible with any smart doorbell. Easiest option is to replace it with a Byron 776 chime, which is a pretty much drop in replacement, and minimal wiring needed (but it is mains voltage so be careful)

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