Ring Wired Doorbell 2021 edition - Jumper cable

Hello gang…new to the community here. Got gifted a ring video door bell recently. I need help regarding connecting the jumper cable to the chime. I have a second door bell in the basement in addition to the one in front. So in my chime In have wires in all 3 point i.e front,rear and transformer. The instructions say to connect the jumper cable between t and f. What about the the wire that’s connected to the rear? Should I leave it as is it should I disconnect it? Maybe if I leave it there the original chime might work for the second door bell in basement but not for the front door bell.

Edit:Uploaded picture

Hi @Stormchazer. I have reached out to my team and confirmed you do not have to do anything with the third wire going to the back terminal screw. Install the jumper cable onto just the front and trans terminal screws. The Doorbell Wired should not ring any pre-existing chimes. We do have Ring Chimes available for purchase if you want something to ring indoors. If you have Echo devices, you can also have them make audible alerts for your Doorbell when it rings or if it detects motion. I hope this helps!


Thank you Justin. I’ll complete the wiring this week, and post an update. Appreciate you and your team looking into this.


Hi everyone- I have a similar problem. I have conected the jump cable into front and trans but the ring doesn’t sounds. I don’t want to buy a chime, I just want to use it with the existing one. How can I do it? Why should I have to connect the jumper cable if it won’t work with the existing doorbell?

Hi @user31468. As mentioned on the product page and in the marked solution, the Video Doorbell Wired will not ring your internal doorbell. To hear audible alerts in your home when someone rings the Doorbell, you can use a Ring Chime or a compatible Alexa device.