Ring wired direct to transformer

Just got the ring wired doorbell. I am wanting to get rid of the in house chime. And direct to transformer. Lose the large store bought old school chime. Replacing it with the plug in chime for the ring. I am also replacing the transformer with a new transformer 16-24 volt. 2 wire transformer.
My question is. In order to wire to the transformer. And out to the ring doorbell. Can I wire it to the transformer. Or do I need a diode. Or another special box to bypass the “chime box”.

I was just about to post the same - I have a ring doorbell pro that I have now wired directly into a 16v transformer. It doesn’t seem he pro power kit can be installed neatly into the transformer directly, do we need:

(per this board:
How to Connect Your Ring Video Doorbell Directly to a Low Voltage Transformer (Without a Pre-existing Doorbell) – Ring Help)

I have also read that a pro power CABLE is sent by Ring to those who request it?
Please advise?

thank you.

Thank you !!! I saw that as well. Wasn’t sure if I needed it as the “ring wired “ doesn’t have a battery. I can get it and install it no worries !!! Just wasn’t exactly sure if it was needed or required for the non battery type ring.

Hi Don, sorry! I was waiting for an official response from Ring - I was just concurring with your question.

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No worries at all. Best to have more minds working the question than one. Lol. I think I’m going to order the resistor as well just to be on the safe side.

Hi @Don7. The Doorbell wired does not need a wirewound resistor or diode. It is designed to “bypass” the internal chime kit using a Jumper Cable. You can also use the Plug-In Adapter as a power source, if needed. I hope this clears things up.