Ring Wired Connection To Friedland 106 Chime


I have a Friedland 106 door bell chime that I am trying to use with my new Ring Wired video doorbell purchased in 2022. The Friedland only has two terminals so I don’t know if I am to connect these terminals with the jumber cable or if these two terminals are the electrical lines?

Hi @user17545. The terminals on your chime should be labeled with “Front” and “Trans” typically to indicate the front door and the transformer respectively. If your chime has no labels on it for the terminals, I would suggest consulting a qualified electrician to help you safely install your Doorbell Wired.

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Hi @user17545 ,

I also have same old ring bell that I want to replace with Wired ring doorbell. Did you manage to install with the current transformer or buy a new one.
@Caitlyn_Ring - appreciate your support as well if you know anything more. I have exactly same Friesland ring hi hi chime no. 106- thanks



I have the same chime, and I don’t feel the actual question has been answered.
To bypass do you just connect these only 2 wires in the chime together?

I’d prefer to keep the chime if possible, we are getting 18v AC at the doorbell, would that be enough to not bypass the existing chime?

Hi @user45844. What Doorbell model are you installing? This will help me provide you with the information you need.

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