Ring Wired, bypass chime on GROTHE 196 TR

Really struggling to set my ring wired doorbell up, physically it’s installed on door frame, fuse box is off for doorbell.
When I take the cover off my chime, there are three wires, labelled as 1, 2 & 3.
Every instruction I’ve found is for F, R &T.
Where does the jumper cable go?
It looks like a very thin wire goes from the terminals in 2 & 3 into the solenoid that strikes the chime bars.
The terminals 1 & 2 have a wire going into them. 1 is blue and white, 2 is red and white.
Not sure where the jumper cable goes!

Hi @Rich_Chris. Try looking over this Installation Guide here. This has all the information on installing the Doorbell Wired and a great video showing you exactly where the Jumper Cable is installed.

Thanks, generic video doesn’t help, I’ve viewed it a number of times which has led to me make the initial post.

What you need to try and find is which of the 2 terminals are outputting the power from the transformer. Looking at the diagram, I think its 0 and 2 - so moving the orange wire over should bypass the chime.

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