Ring Wired and Pro Power Kit

I’ve just bought a Wired doorbell without realising it would disable my existing door chime (when connecting to my Byron 776).

I saw on Reddit that some was suggesting I could use the Pro Power Kit to reintroduce the mechanical chime and still use the Byron inbuilt transformer.

Is that really the case? I know the Bryon is at the low end of the power requirements (8v at 1A I believe) but it’s not clear to me how the Pro Power Kit works.

For example the kits instructions say to connect to “FRONT” and “TRANSFORMER” terminals but the Byron only has terminals labelled “0”, “1”, “2” and “3” with the bell wire connected to 0 and 3.

Appreciate any advice?

From what I understand the doorbell itself doesn’t have the ability to ring the chime - the pro power kit is there to be the normal way to let the power flow to the doorbell, then when the doorbell is triggered it shuts off and lets the chime ring instead. When i set mine up i had an image of the Byron chime in the app setup - this is the right UK instructions https://support.ring.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360054984332-Installing-Ring-Video-Doorbell-Wired

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