Ring Wifi "internet unavailable"

I follow all the steps to set up my ring doorbell I get all the way to the Wi-Fi step and it says internet unavailable I have tried changing the speed of my Wi-Fi I’ve tried unplugging my modem I’ve tried resetting the ring doorbell nothing works please help

Hi there, @Melissnauta! When going through the setup process in the Ring app, there may be a step that says this, but the message can usually be ignored. If this is occurring during the step where you connect to the Ring “setup network” from your mobile phone’s wifi settings, this may result in a network unavailable message, depending on mobile device. Once you connect to the Ring setup network, it should bring you back to your Ring app to complete setup, and eventually allow you to choose your home wifi network from a list of available networks. When attempting setup, do you make it passed the steps described above?