Ring Website, Protect Plan Chat, and Support are all confused and misleading regarding use of Alarm Pro in Canada

In late February / early March I purchased two Alarm Pro systems in the United States through Best Buy. I am using one for a residence in the US and one for a seasonal residence and farm in Canada, with a complete installation in Ontario. (i.e., not Quebec). Ring Support signed me up by phone for the Protect Plus plan in Canada and by phone promised that I could purchase 24/7 monitoring in Canada for C$15/month or C$150 per year. I carefully had reviewed all of the web materials, and there was nothing to contradict this. I purchased the C$150 plan. Ring now refuses to provide 24/7 monitoring in Canada for the Alarm Pro set-up. Their only response is “No, we will not support an Alarm Pro with 24/7 monitoring in Canada.” The refusal does not acknowledge their web explanations that promise 24/7 hour monitoring in Canada and that do not exclude an Alarm Pro system being monitored there. I refuse to de-install, replace and reinstall multiple sensors, etc., to connect to a lesser machine, the Ring Alarm, in place of the Alarm Pro that I already own. I have reviewed all of the materials about the Alarm Pro being designed for use in the US, etc. Still, there is nothing in any of the public Ring materials that says I may not connect the Alarm Pro to Ring 24/7 Monitoring in Ontario Canada. I have spent five hours at least trying to get an answer from the support team. They have promised by phone and by email to advance this to technical teams and get me some meaningful answers. They have repeatedly failed to contact me again on specific schedules promised by phone and in emails. My request is that 1) I be given a clear technical reason as to why the Alarm Pro base equipment will not work for Canada; and 2) where in ANY of the available Ring literature a customer should reasonably determine that an Alarm Pro is technically unable to receive service in Canada. It makes NO SENSE that a 24/7 home monitoring program that connects to a WiFi and cellular connected Alarm Pro will not work in Canada, if the Ring Alarm works. I am currently trying to escalate this beyond the poor support teams who appear to have their hands tied by lack of information and the inability to escalate to someone who can give a meaningful answer. Other community postings indicate that others may be having this problem. Please do not give up, and please continue to push for some clear answers from Ring. You are not yet getting them. If anyone who reads this can help or advise, I will welcome hearing from you.

Hi @user41980. We’re sorry to hear that you are having this experience. Hopefully my explanation will clarify things for you. The Ring Alarm Pro is designed to be used in the US. Purchasing a device in the US and bringing it into Canada will cause compatibility issues. The Ring Alarm Pro is not compatible, and will not work, in Canada. This is why you are being told it cannot be professionally monitored. With this Ring Alarm here, is eligible for Professional Monitoring with this Ring Protect Plan Plus. I hope this clears things up for you.