Ring Videos Disappearing or Deleting within 30 days, for no reason?

Hi, My Ring ‘Stickup Security Cam’ recordings seem to be disappearing. I seen them on the app under the date last week and online, but! When I check them today, it shows nothing recorded for that date (they are only 20 days old) and I have a yearly paid premium plus account, which doesn’t expire until 2022, so why are they disappearing, I thought it keeps them for 60 days? I need to stop them disappearing? Any help appreciated. Thanks

Sorry to hear about this @JoanP! As you mentioned being subscribed to a Protect Plan, and this plan not lapsing, your recordings should certainly be available. As described in the article linked above, your videos should be saved for 60 days (if you are in the US).

If you are not seeing recordings in your event history, but know one should exist for a particular date, I recommend logging in at Ring.com via web browser to check your recordings from there. This will rule out mobile device factors. Please also ensure the device in question is owned by you, rather than shared. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have the same issue, both mobile and ring.com do not show all my recordings even though I saw all of them a week ago. Someone deleted my videos, right now the oldest I could see is Jan 6, 2022. I am a paid subscriber and I should have my videos saved at least 60 days. l am in California, US. What happened?

Hi @lingla. I suggest looking over this Help Center article here. This article has information on how to adjust your Video Storage Time. From there, you’ll be able to confirm how long your videos are stored for.

what is the article? I never changed the storage time, it has been in default setting of 60 s. I demand a refund but has not seen it yet since I keep losing my videos.