Ring Videodoorbell gen 2, Honeywell DW313, how to connect?

Hi all,
I have a Ring Videodoorbell Gen 2 and a D313 and I don’t know how to connect them properly.

This was my connection plan due to the instructions of the DW313. Problem is that it is not reliably working. The white light of the Doorbell turns of after ringing one or two times. I can also just manage to get it working by pressing around in the Ring app where you select digital/mechanical chime. At some point it gets working but not reliably…

Can anyone tell me how I have to install everything to get it properly working with the transformator and without using batteries?

Thanks and kind regards


Anyone an idea If that installation ist correct an what can cause the problem?

Hi @tanktoo. You cannot use a Doorbell 2nd generation without a battery. The battery will be its main power source, and hardwiring it will charge the battery. As for wiring, we have this Help Center page with wiring diagrams that include Doorbell 2nd Generation that can help. If you need further assistance with wiring, I recommend consulting with a qualified electrician for help.

Hi @Justin_Ring ,

sorry for my late reply. Still having the problem.
I know that the Ring Doorbell requires its battery. I meant that the DW313 is powered via hardwire not via battery.