Ring video without internet

My ring video didn’t record any video from Friday evening at 9 pm until the next afternoon. I assume when the power went out from a storm in the area that it knocked off the Ring. Anyway, we had a package taken from our front porch while it was down. Is there any way to get this video even though the Ring was not connected to the internet? I’d really like to know who took that package. Thanks.

Hey @cdm269. I’m so sorry to hear what happened to you and your package! If the device was offline at the time of the incident, the Doorbell would not have been recording and storing any video. The device can only record and store video when online, so please ensure your device is online to get that video storage. I recommend having it be a check you do when you power is out, as this is something I do with my wifi enabled devices in my home as well in these events. :slight_smile: