Ring video doorbell2 problem

The ring video doorbell 2 i own keep flashing blue i did factory reset opned ports in router and i pay for cloud revording tell me recording didnt work something needs fixing so works right thanks

Hi @Raymondjtoth. It looks like you resolved your concern according to your reply in this thread; is that correct?

Nope still on 9/23/2023 it jsut biking blue light and i did factory reset i use eero mesh routers also changed DNS to google same thing happens
it’s not me i cant get anywhere on desktop and iPad if pull battery it stops what can be done to look at server also this keeps going on sorry so late responce i had emergency in family thansk

@Raymondjtoth. If your Doorbell is still stuck flashing a blue light even after a factory reset, the next best step is to contact our support team for further assistance.