ring video doorbell

We just moved and the geek squad installed our ring, but it goes off all hours of the night, but nothing shows in history and no one is at the door. It doesn’t give the message that someone is at the front door. It is as if someone pushes the doorbell but no one is there. What could cause this problem? One night it goes off at 1am and 5am, the next night it is 7pm, this morning it was 6:15am. It’s never the same time.

Hey @Sherri! In the event history in your Ring app, do these show up as motion events or ding events? If they are showing up as actual button press (ding) events, I recommend reaching out to our support team for a more in-depth look at this concern.

For frequent motion alerts, your device’s motion settings in the Ring app, such as sensitivity and frequency, will help to optimize this detection. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Nothing shows up. No history of ring or motion.