Ring Video Doorbell Wired voltage OK, but not enough power?

On Black Friday I bought a Ring Video Doorbell Wired. Initially I connected it to the already installed Friedland D753 doorbell transformer (used for my old dumb doorbell). This transformer outputs 8V/1A and the Ring App was complaining in the Device Health that the Transformer Voltage was bad (10V, which is still more than the 8V required in Europe). To get rid of this message I bought a Navaris transformer which outputs max. 8VA: 8V/1A, 12V/0.67A, or 24V/0.33A according to the Amazon listing.

After installation of this new transformer, the Ring App no longer complains about the Transformer Voltage in the Device Health (it is listed as good, 28V, in green instead of red), but the App still complains in the main screen of the doorbell:

Your doorbell transformer doesn’t supply enough power.
We recommend installing a Ring Hardwired Transformer or Plug-in Adapter.

What’s wrong? Did I buy the wrong transformator? If so, what should I buy instead?

Hi @tinnilus. The power requirements for the Video Doorbell Wired are 8-24 VAC, 20VA min, 40VA max, 50/60Hz. If the transformer you selected meets those requirements, it should be providing sufficient power. The Device Health page will reflect the current status of your Doorbell, which based on your post indicates that the voltage is sufficient.

Always make sure your Ring app is updated to the latest version. If you’ve had it open for awhile, try force closing out of the app completely and opening it back up to ensure it’s displaying accurate and up to date information. If the message still does not clear, try to uninstall the app completely and reinstall it. Should this issue persist, it would be best to get in touch with our support team for further assistance.

:tada: Much to my surprise the warning (and the red circle with a “flash” symbol in it) is gone today; both in the iPhone and the iPad App, without me doing anything… (no force close, no reinstall)

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@tinnilus Awesome, I’m glad to hear this issue has resolved itself. :slight_smile:

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