Ring Video Doorbell Wired - Questions and Help?

Hi everyone I hope you’re all doing well. I’m a newbie to the world of ring and need a little help please.

I’ve bought the Video Doorbell Wired for my parents house and installed it all using the existing chime and transformer with the jumper cable. Initial message I got on set up was that the transformer doesn’t supply enough power. However continued with set up to see if the bell etc all worked. The short answer is yes it does. So do I need to change the transformer still? Or will the bell all work ok?

In the app I saw a lightening bolt symbol in left had side of the screen - now does this mean that the bell is hardwired (which it is) or that not enough power due to transformer message that popped up?

Finally - the light on the outside is solid white which after some Googling I think is ok as it means set up (however some articles disagree and I can’t find anything on the Ring support website in the ‘What to Know’ section for the video doorbell wired as is available for some of the others)

Any help appreciated…I have ordered the Ring Transformer which I can sort on the weekend but appreciate any help/input to above :+1:t3:

You came to the right place, @Korky! We’re here to help. :slight_smile:

The Video Doorbell Wired can be powered by a 10-24 VAC, 40VA maximum, rated transformer. It sounds like you’ve followed all the proper steps of the Video Doorbell Wired Installation Guide. Getting the Video Doorbell setup successfully is a great sign. To confirm the power level is optimal, check out the Device Health area in the Ring app.

If power levels are showing as insufficient, checking the connections at all ends will help, as well as confirming the transformer power rating is sufficient. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply @Marley_Ring . Asked dad to send me a pic of the transformer casing and it says on there primary 220-240V and secondary 3-5-8V so I’m guessing from that there isn’t enough power.

Looking at the app when clicking on the lightening bolt - brings up the message ‘transformer not enough power’ and the health settings show it’s a 9V.

So assuming now that either I upgrade the transformer or hardwire using ring power adapter? However in the mean time the bell they say seems to be working fine.

Good call on that, @Korky! Indeed it does look like the output rating is just a little too low. Please note, the 220V input rating is considered very high voltage, thus we recommend consulting with a license electrician, if needed, to install a new transformer. With that voltage rating, it sounds like you might be in the EU region. If you are, this DIN rail transformer is intended for powering the Video Doorbell Wired. If you are in the US, a standard transformer rated for 10 - 24 VAC should work fine.

Once the power is optimized, it sounds like everything else (wiring, wifi, Ring app, etc) will operate dependably and as intended for your parents peace of mind. :slight_smile: