Ring Video Doorbell Wired + Pre-existing Doorbell >> into old transformer

Hello. First post here. I am installing a Ring Video Doorbell Wired at my parents house for their peace of mind. I have replaced the doorbell button on the front door no problem. They have an old house with an existing doorbell system linked to a mechanical bell, which I would like to keep.

The Ring doorbell activates/boots, but then keeps rebooting every ten seconds or so. When it is stable, then I can get the app to recognise it, but it does not turn white and will not stop flashing blue when I want to connect it.

I think the issue is the transformer. Do I need to use the bypass cable? The transformer box is old and janky. Any ideas as to what to do with it? Would greatly appreciate any help or guidance.

volts should be 16-24

Thank you. I got it working. Left this setup alone, and went to the bell, which I used the bypass cable to bypass. All working fine now. I wish I could still use the old house bell though.

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