Ring Video Doorbell Wired (no battery) and Byron 776..no chime

I connected the Ring Video Doorbell Wired into my Byron 776 using the existing bell wire without changing any wire connections within the Byron. The Ring works fine and sends alerts to my phone and Echo.
I didn’t use the bypass wire at all, but is there anyway I can get the Byron to still chime when the Ring doorbell is pressed?

Hi there, @Ricky_Roma! Installing the Video Doorbell Wired requires the use of the included Jumper Cable. This will in turn disable the chime kit, in which a Ring Chime or Alexa device will certainly help with alerts. If you are wanting to install this device in another method or attempt to get the chime kit to work, we advise consulting with a qualified electrician. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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A video on yoiutube shows it working fine, but I have the same set up and mine didn’t work after the first couple of presses. Ring ‘support’ have been absent on all questions.

Hi Unimpressed. Yes, I could have sworn my door chime rang on the very first press but it’s been silent every since. I presume u didn’t use the jumper cable either?

Hi neighbors! To add onto what Marley mentioned and further clarify, the Video Doorbell Wired does not sound your existing doorbell chime. This is noted on the Doorbell Wired’s product page as well, which you can view here. I hope this helps clear up any confusion, and if needed, you can find wiring diagrams for the Doorbell Wired in our Help Center right here. I hope this helps clear up any confusion. :slight_smile: