Ring Video Doorbell Wired loud noise in live view and recordings

On Black Friday I bought a Ring Video Doorbell Wired. After fixing the setup (improving WiFi, replacing transformer) the Device Health seems to be OK: (all 3 status messages in green)

  • Transformer Voltage: Good (28V)
  • Signal Strength: RSSI -44
  • Status: online

However, there’s a loud (stuttering) noise in both the live view and recordings. I still can hear actual sounds though. In fact, I can still hear conversations 3 houses down the block… It seems like the microphone is too sensitive (missing shielding?) or some setting is wrong?

(How) Can I fix this? Or is this expected? Or is my doorbell broken?

(these instructions did not help)

Hi @tinnilus. It would be helpful if you could share an example of the noise you’re hearing so we can help determine if it’s expected environmental noise or something else. Feel free to trigger a new motion or ding event on your Doorbell Wired and then share the recording from that.

Audio extracted from a sample recording on a quiet moment (no cars, no persons; you can only hear a bird after 5 seconds):

(Apologies for using a 3rd party service, but the forum upload gets stuck at 100%, no matter what I try)

Hi @tinnilus. I listened to the recording you shared a few times and did not hear a loud stuttering noise. There was the natural sound of wind and the environment, alongside the bird you mentioned. This is to be expected since the Doorbell is installed outside.

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The recording was on a windless day…

However, my sister recently bought the same model Ring doorbell and has the same issue as me. A colleague with a different model Ring doorbell (on battery) does not have this issue (no noise).

Maybe it’s a known issue of the Ring Video Doorbell Wired?