Ring Video Doorbell Wired Installation Advice

Hi all,

I’m in the process of installing a Ring Video Doorbell Wired. I plan to use my old chime to power the doorbell and have included photos of the current wiring and setup. For clarification I’m UK based.

My Transformer is next to the ECU and is:
Greenbrook Bell Transformer
Input 230v 50/60Hz
Output 4 - 8 - 12V (1A)

The wiring setup is before my time and I’m unsure as to why terminal 0 has two wires attached. I originally thought that I would use the jumper across the wires on terminals 2 and 3 (bottom terminals with mainly white wiring attached). However, having looked at more recent Ring wiring diagrams, I’m wondering if I can bypass the chime completely and using the wago connector just bridge the original wiring directly from the transformer to the ring doorbell. I.e. connect the two (mainly) blue wires and the two (mainly) white wires via the wago connector and just house these within the old chime housing. See as how the chime will be redundant anyway.

If this is not possible, I’d be grateful for any advice as to which wires to bridge via the wago and jumper cable.


p.s. I understand that the official Ring corporate guidelines/advice may be to suggest I employ a qualified electrician to install and I appreciate that but I’m happy to take full responsibility for any guidance/suggest offered before going to the professional install option. Thanks!

See screenshot of the Ring wiring diagram I was thinking about as complete bypass of the chime. It’s the 2nd diagram on the screenshot.

Hi @_andym. Yes! You can connect the Doorbell Wired directly to a Low Voltage Transformer.

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Hi Tom, thanks for the reply. I have connected the doorbell but unfortunately, I am unable to complete the setup. I have checked voltage and currently reading 11-12v going to the ring doorbell. However, I’m unable to get the white spinning light. Instead I have a flashing blue ring. This will blink/flash for 1 second on and 1 second off. It repeats this cycle twice and then flickers/blinks with a camera shutter like sound. Then repeats the above cycle. I have used the reboot button on the side of the doorbell which reboots the doorbell. There is a series of 10 blue flashes (1second flash on/off) and then the 2 flash and camera shutter sound cycle repeats.

Any advice on this please?

I’ve been testing the setup and can confirm the doorbell is in working order. When connecting directly at the chime box (inside house) it connects to both electrics (12v) and wifi (2.4ghz) no problem. However, when I try to connect at my front door I get the blue light cycle. I’ve tested the electrical voltage at the front door and measured 12v. I have tested wifi strength on phone at front door and get an 80MB+ download and 20mb+ upload.

I’m out of idea. If any advise could be offered that would be great. Thanks.

The bottom 2 are your chime wiring - those need to be connected together through the bypass cable.