Ring Video doorbell wifi setup

I have had a video doorbell set up for a few months now. It has worked fine, however this morning at 10:30 it stopped sending notifications to my phone app and allow showing it was online would not work.

I have tried to reset the device through the app and gone through the wifi set up procedure, however the device will not connect to my phone when i try to connect to the Ring Setup e4 Network which comes up on my phone wifi search. It gives a can not authenticate connection message after trying to connect.

Hi @PJ3! Resetting the device and attempting a new setup was a great step to take. I recommend removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device next. This will ensure the app is up to date and able to communicate with your phone.

If this concern persists, try a different mobile device entirely, if possible. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

My doorbell also stopped working and does not broadcast any network during setup. No matter what I do–whether it’s use a different mobile device, factory reset, pull the battery, etc., I cannot get the device to broadcast the Ring setup network.

I also find it’s pretty lame that Ring Support will only provide me a discount code to purchase a new doorbell instead of actually helping me resolve the issue. I bought this three years ago and is now a paperweight. It definitely makes me question their products if they will only last a few years before being forced into purchasing a new device as a “fix.”

My Gen1 Ring Doorbell no longer shows up on my home WiFi or connects to the Chime extender. I’m a wheelchair-user and need this device, to let visitors/deliveries know that I’m slow getting to answer the door.
The Doorbell was working fine for months, but last week it lost wi-fi connection. My Broadband router’s dashboard shows all available devices, it shows everything (plus most of the neighbourhood’s devices), but the doorbell is not detected. The ‘discoverable mode’ seems erratic, usually when I press the orange button, the light will circle once then go off, if I press the button twice quickly, the light will continue circling but won’t stop until I hold the front door-ring button down. The extender/chime is shown on my home network, and ‘looks’ for the doorbell, but the Wi-fi on the doorbell is not sending/receiving. I’ve tried adding the device by using its Mac-address, no success.

I really need to get this doorbell working, it’s so annoying missing deliveries then having to get myself with wheelchair into the PostOffice parcels depot (which has limited opening-hours and no parking).

Hi @kevinstylus. Does the device have a full charge? These symptoms are often related to a weak battery. I would try to perform a reset and then try to reconnect you device to wifi. You can perform a reset by pressing and holding the reset button for 20 seconds, then release. Once the device reboots, you can reconnect it to wifi. I hope this helps!