Ring Video Doorbell Wi-Fi Disconnect

Question about the Wi-Fi strength the app is showing for my video doorbell. According to app, have weak strength. But have done the ring Wi-Fi test at the doorbell and my download speed is over 300 mbps and upload over 100 mbps. So don’t understand why the app is saying low strength. Did just change my Wi-Fi provider, to a much faster connection, but app not showing this. Thinking of reconnecting to Wi-Fi, but the network name is the same. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Hi @MarkSolo. There are a few different factors to consider when speaking about wifi. One would be the speed and the other is the connection strength. You may have a fast wifi, but the further away from the router you get, the weaker the connection strength is. The measurement used in the Ring app is the RSSI. If you’re RSSI is too low, you may need a Chime Pro to help the signal reach your Ring Doorbell. I hope this information is helpful!

Hi. Some updated info. Just rechecked everything at the doorbell. Download speed 245.4 mbps, upload speed 54.80 mbps, and RSSI -57. According to Ring support articles, the RSSI number is termed “sufficient” for doorbell use. So why is the Ring app still showing my RSSI as -75? Should I disconnect from Wi-Fi network then reconnect? As noted previously, changed my internet service within last few weeks. Thanks.

Thanks for the update on this @MarkSolo! Depending on the Video Doorbell model you have, it may be capable of connecting to 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz wifi signals. Please ensure to use the 2.4 Ghz signal for this scenario. I recommend also bringing your Video Doorbell inside nearest the router, and testing a live view there. After the live view ends, your Ring app device health will update the latest signal strength reading. Continue this while gradually moving the Video Doorbell to the mounting location. This will show you if there are any areas of high interference along the way.