Ring Video Doorbell Transformer Compatability

Hello Ring Community!

small question,

My door bell has a transformer with rating 8-16V, but the Ring doorbell states a transformer rating of 8-24V.

will I be able to connect my Ring to this ?

thanks a lot!

If it’s wired for 16 volt, then yes.

There are two specifications for doorbell transformers. One is voltage, the second is power measured in VA (volt x amps)

Most doorbell transformers are 10VA, Ring recommends 30VA.

You can eliminate some problems by purchasing the 30VA now.

Here’s a LINK

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Hello! thanks for the quick reply.

it shows that the MAX is 15W. please see the attached photo.

will this be compatible? what sort of problems could arise if I connect it with this ?

also the link you provided is for the Pro. I think I just have the regular Ring doorbell.

thanks a lot for the help!


If it’s wired for 16 volt, you should be fine.

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thanks a lot, will hook it up tomorrow and let you know if all is well.

reallly appreciate the help.

Hi - I have two ring video doorbells. The batteries on each seem to slowly drain (they are hardwired off the same transformer/doorbell). Is a 16V transformer (30VA) sufficient for two?


Hi @davidh - which Ring Doorbell are you installing?

Hi -

Both are Ring Video Doorbells. They are installed (approx 5 months now). They are hardwired - one on the front door, one on the side door. They are both connected to the same doorbell and transformer (that were there already). They both show as hardwired in the app. Unless I dial down the settings, however, the battery level drops slowly. I assume that this means I need a higher output transformer but wanted to confirm that.


And the existing transformer label says it’s output is 16.5VAC and 37VA.

Can I use a

24V AC transformer that has a capacity of 30VA?