Ring video doorbell to use with Friedland D3230 "8V ~1 0A"

I’m wanting to get a Ring video doorbell, but I’m getting completely confused by the specific technical details of the different models & seemingly contradictory installation videos.

I’m in the UK, which I see complicates matters & see some confusion about the required electrics.

I have an existing “ding-dong” hardwired bell, which I see is on the compatible list: Friedland D3230 (photo attached)

8V ~1 0A

Max 15W


50 Hz

I’d like for a new Ring doorbell to make the same “ding-dong” from my existing wired chime, as well as do the app alert, & possibly a plug-in Ring wireless chime too (eg. upstairs.)

I see all the ring models except the ‘Elite’ say they can be hard wired.

I’ve seen references to ‘bypass the existing doorbell chime’ & also to bypass the transformer with a Ring-branded one. I see most Ring Models require “8-24 VAC” & my chime appears to be “ 8V ~1 0A ”

Could anyone with the knowledge please help me out & tell me which of the Ring models would be suitable to wire to my Friedland D3230 transformer set up, & keep the ding dong.

Thank you!