Ring Video Doorbell Pro2 - Chime connection?

When following the instructions - I was told to connect the battery in/at the chime. When I do this the doorbell doesnt ring my chime inside the house (works fine in the app and at the door).

If I disconnect the battery in/at the chime the chime works as desired (when the doorbell is pressed) - and so does the APP and the Doorbell

The only issue is that randomly (mostly at night) we hear a buzzing sound coming from the chime inside the house - as if its charging up - and then it will eventually ring the chime. Sometimes its once a night - sometimes its every 10 minutes.

How do I move forward?

The Pro Power Kit isn’t a battery, it’s a switching device that prevents the chime from buzzing all the time but allows it to ring when the button is pressed. Normally a doorbell transformer, button, and chime form a single circuit, like a loop, with the tiny light in the button powered through the chime all the time. However, the Ring Pro draws much more current than that tiny light, so if it’s powered through the chime, the current it draws will cause the chime to undesirably buzz or even ring. The Pro Power Kit basically shorts out the chime so it can’t ring until the button is pressed, then the Ring Pro signals the Pro Power Kit to allow the chime to energize and ring. So that’s why it’s important to have it installed.

That said, I don’t know why your chime didn’t ring with the Pro Power Kit installed, but the two possibilities that come to mind are either that the kit is faulty, or that it was somehow miswired (which is unlikely because it’s pretty straightforward; maybe the two terminals were accidentally touching?). Since the chime rang with the kit removed, it sounds like the Ring is properly configured to operate a mechanical chime and is working correctly.

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