Ring Video Doorbell Pro turns off until power cycled

I’ve had my Ring doorbell installed for over two years. In the last month I’ve noticed twice where the doorbell stops functioning. The button is not lit. Pressing it does nothing. It is a wired doorbell, and when I unplug and re-plug my doorbell it restarts the device and it starts working again.

I’ve only had this problem recently, I think, but as far as I can tell Ring does nothing to detect or notify of this behavior in health (compared to my OBi, which will notify me when it loses connection for a period). Ring doesn’t seem to provide any health metrics / failures tracking this drop off.

I am definitely missing video when this happens, and I am missing people at my door, because when they ring the doorbell nothing happens! Looking at my Ubiquiti logs, I believe this past outage it was offline for two days.

I’m on firmware 2.1.01005.

Signal strength is RSSI -51,on a 2.4G nearby Ubiquiti AP.

Voltage is 4001mV.

Is this a known issue?

Is 2.1.01005 the most up to date firmware?

Is there a way to make the physical home doorbell ring even if the outside doorbell is down?


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