Ring Video Doorbell Pro - Stopped working after 3 months

Our Pro doorbell stopped working over the weekend. It was installed February 21.

It was unresponsive so I dismounted to check connections and I’ve got 24v at the rear terminals.

It generally shows a solid white ring light.
If I press / release the side button nothing happens (1 time, 2 times, etc doesn’t matter)
I f i press / hold the side button the light go off and it seem to restart, after 30s or so I see a white ring pulsing before going white solid, after another 30s or so the light intensity drops to a fainter white solid ring.

I can get it to nothing else.

Any ideas?

Did you check you were getting 24v out of the transformer? Just wondering if the transformer has died.

Even though you are hard-wired, the NON-REPLACABLE on-board Li-Ion Battery on your unit may have failed (or it will within 18 months or sooner if you live in a cold climate), like mine has done on 2 units. Google this ridiculous issue. I am changing out to a non-Ring product.

Hi @MrHowell. I would also confirm that your Pro Power Kit is installed properly and that the wires are secure. If the Pro Power Kit is loose, it could cause intermittent performance. This Community post here has some great information for the Ring Pro. I hope this is helpful.

Hey everyone.

The Ring Video Pro was replaced as faulty, I received and installed the replacement without issue.

4 weeks later the replacement unit has also failed.
The 2nd failure seems to be related to the doorbell being unable to store power.

I live in the UK, my Ring Video Pro kit is supplied with a plug in power adapter - a 220v transformer that plugs into a standard home wall power outlet.

Did you know that these UK kits ship with a power supply providing DC output?
Odd right? Every reference I can find is for AC power.

I decided to purchase a “Ring Plug-in Adapter - Adapter for Ring Video Doorbell” from the Ring online store - yup, it’s output is 24AC!

So why do the retail Video Pro kits ship with a DC power adapter (Part DSA-12PF16-24 240050) and is this the cause of the failures I’ve been experiencing?

Note that I’ve verified the outputs using a multimeter and it’s not simply a labeling issue on the DC PSU.

The 2nd doorbell has also been replaced under RMA and I have the 3rd unit ready to install, I think I’ll be using the AC adapter. :slight_smile:

Hi, unlike in the US, the PRO v1 is supplied in the UK in two bundles:

  • with a Ring transformer (white) and PRO Power kit.
  • with plug in power supply.

When using the Ring transformer (or other) the PRO Power Kit should be included. If it is not there can be damage to PROs internal battery/capacitor. This damage can gradual, and often results in the Doorbell failing when the button is pushed (the button light goes out and there can be blank videos saved).

In the UK the new PRO v2 comes in the same two bundles, but no PRO Power kit is supplied with the Transformer option as it is not needed as the new (black) transformer has short circuit protection built in. Ring expect the nes Black transformer to be used. But a PRO Power kit can be purchased separately to wire in a “legacy” power option.

In the US the PRO v2 still comes with a PRO Power kit (no Ring transformer) as it’s still needed when connecting to existing power.

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The Ring Video Pro kits (v1) I have ( Purchased in Feb21, replaced Apr21 and May21)

Each kit has been supplied with a white plug-in power supply with DC output voltage.

The replacement power supply purchased from Ring for the Video Pro Plug-In Adapter – Ring
has AC output.

Should my doorbell be powered with the AC or DC power supply?
Why are different products being supplied for the same device?


either of the two power adaptors avail in the UK can be used with the Doorbell PRO (no PRO Power Kit required). Not sure why there is a AC /DC difference, but I found this thread…

The second model is a new model that can be used with all the Doorbells.

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