Ring Video Doorbell Pro Stopped Working - 2 Years and dead

My Ring Video Doorbell Pro stopped working exactly two years after I purchased it. Purchased in Nov. 2017, died in Nov. 2019. I have tried everything including the 10 minute power cycle, replacing my transformer, doublechecking all wiring. When I remove the doorbell and put the two wires together the doorbell rings. Nothing has changed in the past two years. It appears the doorbell is completely dead. Very dissapointed.

Hi @jsa6472 it may be your transformer. A team member can certainly help look into this though. Give us a call at 800-656-1918 :slight_smile:

Its not the transformer, tested the transformer and even replaced the transformer as I mentioned in my original post.

Your next best step would be to call support for a more in depth look into this :slight_smile: