Ring Video Doorbell Pro Speaker Quality/Distortion

Hi. Just received my Doorbell Pro and set it up in the house to make sure it works etc. Was trying it all out including speaking through the app (iPhone). The sound quality through the Pro doorbell itself is really poor and easily distorts - rubbish quality speaker? Is this to be expected. It’s not *quite* as bad if I talk more quietly through the app. Thanks in advance.

My Ring Pro has had audio problems since I bought it. Just about every other word is cut out from the person at the door. I can not understand what the person at the door is saying. Ring always wants to blem it on our equipment.

However, it is clearly within the doorbell. I have latest iPhone software, latest Ring app, latest Ring firmware, upgraded doorbell transformer, Ring Chime Pro located 12 feet direct line of sight to doorbell and 15’direct line of sight to a new Netgrear Nighthawk WIFI. Internet speed of 200Mpbs.

The video notification is very good at about 5 seconds to display. So, there is clearly something wrong with the audio. Since customer service has been terrible and unwilling to replace my doorbell, I am seriously considering getting rid of my Ring products and purchasing Arlo. I won’t buy Nest that has more problems according to all the negative comments on the internet. Although, Ring isn’t too far behind!


Hi. Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear the issues you’re having. I think they are different to mine though. My audio doesn’t cut out, it’s just distorted, specifically if it’s too loud. I’m guessing it’s down to the poor speakers installed in the unit itself.

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Hi Stumpy. You are right, two differnt issues but both pertaining to sound issues. Without getting into details, look up “full duplexing”. I believe that is the trouble with the design. Each unit can react a different way with full duplex systems including, static, distirtion, words being cut out by the unit being confused to eiter listen or talk based on backgroud noise, to screatching. I have been told, not by Ring, that there are new units being sold that has corrected the duplexing problem. But, Ring is keeping quiet about it since they dont want all the retursa of the old units. Don’t know if that is true or not but the people I have talked wth who recently purchased a doorbell, especually the Ring 2, has not experienced the problem.

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