Ring Video Doorbell Pro sealant at the back?

I have just upgraded to this from the 1st Gen Video Doorbell. All working fine.

What I did notice is that when attaching it to the wall near the door (a flat wall, which does not get direct rain water). I was wondering, if it ever did get water running down the wall or on the doorbell itself, would it get damaged because the power wires are behind the Doorbell, should I put some waterproof sealant at the back of the doorbell as a extra precaution? I am suprised that Ring did not include some sort of rubber grommit surround for the back of it !!

Hi @152bobby. The Ring Pro is designed to be weather resistant, with an IP55 rating. On the backside of the Ring Pro, you should see that there are raised, vertical lines. These are there to aid in water drainage, should water get back there. I hope this helps.