Ring video doorbell pro poor voltage

I have two ring video doorbell pro 2’s wired and before I got the second I was showing poor voltage in the app only once and a while. Now I have two hooked up and it is mostly showing poor voltage but power output is level 1. They both seem to work fine and sometimes the first I had hooked up will show good. I also ordered the ring transformer as I knew my original was old but it still is showing poor voltage. It shows 15 volts when you click on it but I had a multimeter hooked up and show 16 volts. Is this a flaw with the device or is there an issue, as I said they seem to work fine but why is it saying poor voltage? Has anyone else run into this and just let it go as I don’t want an issue but yet I would prefer not to have to use a plug in adapter and I can not add another transformer as it is wired way too far from panel. Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @Rannen6300. You can find some troubleshooting steps for wiring and power concerns for the Doorbell Pro in this Help Center article. You mentioned that the Doorbell Pros appear to be working correctly despite the low voltage warning, which is a good sign. It’s possible that you’re seeing this as you have two Doorbells hooked up to the same transformer, but it may not be causing any performance problems since only one Doorbell is likely in use at any given time.

I found the troubleshooting as I replaced my voltage regulator with a ring one per recommendations from ring but yet it still says poor voltage? I again hooked a multimeter at my door bell and it shows 16 volts so my only other option to try is to disconnect the bell and hook the regulator direct to the rings. I have a feeling this will still not work but wanted opinions from others that might have went through this? If some else has seem this and there’s are still working just fine please let me know. Also both rings are working and it is not seeming like one is working while the other is not. I also have Unifi APs indoors and out and they both have 2.4 and 5 ghz and the rings seem to not like hooking to the closer AP and instead stick on the Comcast wireless modem. I am trying to get another Unifi AP so I can turn off the Comcast and see if that helps but if anyone else knows of maybe a setting I need to change to help please let me know. Thanks