Ring video doorbell pro offline

Hi community,

maybe you can help me to figure out why my video doorbell pro goes offline from time to time. Currently i can’t tell you why and when. Would like to get some ideas what the issue could be.

My RSSI is around 52. The doorbell is directly connected to my repeater which is 3-4 meters behind the wall where the doorbell is mounted. It has a static ip address so that i can use it for a status check (ping it every 2 minuts to check when the status switches). The doorbell is physically connected to the old bell wires.

Sometimes the doorbell comes online again after a few minutes. If not i have to disconnect it from the old bell wires and reconnect it.

Any ideas what the issue could be are appreciated.


Hi there, @jocsch! With the Video Doorbell Pro, wifi variables and power variables are equally important. It sounds like you’ve obtained an efficient connection to your network, in which I recommend also using the 2.4 Ghz wifi connection, rather than 5Ghz.

In case this is power related, please ensure the Pro Power Kit is installed per the Doorbell Pro manual, and that your Device Health readings look good consistently. Feel free to also check out our Hardwiring Checklist for the Video Doorbell Pro, for more tips on power variables. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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