Ring Video Doorbell Pro - no power

We purchased a Ring Video Doorbell Pro which we had professionally installed with power through our doorbell transformer. It worked for about 12 hours and stopped working - no power. Installation company said it was fine when they were there and said it was either a wifi problem (makes no sense) or a problem with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. I did as much troubleshooting as I could from the website including charging the Pro and having my doorbell transformer changed (professionally) to one with 24V and 40VA power. However, the doorbell still has no real sustained power. Occassionally, the doorbell will ring when the button is pressed, but the Pro’s circle does not light up nor does it record. I’m out of ideas as to how to fix at this point. Any ideas/help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hey @PAO2010. We do have a Help Center Article here that does detail out how to troubleshooting insufficient power issues with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro! If you feel up to, I recommend checking this out and taking these steps before trying out another transformer.

I had similiar issue a while back and stumbled across this site and it helped!

worth a shot - https://thatguyreviews.com/ring-doorbell-not-charging-hardwired/


I´ve as well this problem friend. I´ve checked the voltage on the Doorbell and it´s says 29VAC.

On the app the power says always 0 mV

I cannot understand the problem… :frowning:

Thanks, I will take a look!

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