Ring video doorbell pro no power

I’ve connected my Ring PRO to power adapter but there’s still no power and the video doorbell won’t light up.

Before you install your Ring doorbell, completely charge your Ring doorbell. Attach the USB charging cable to the back of your Ring doorbell unit. As it charges, the blue light ring will flash in increments until it is fully charged and makes a complete circle. This will take a few hours. Then, follow the directions.

Once connected, if your Ring battery isn’t charging the battery, try switching the two wires (usually one red and one white) on the terminal connections. In the Ring instruction booklet, under “Connect the Wires”, the instructions read, “It doesn’t matter which wire connects to which screw.” Yes, your doorbell will work either way, however one way uses the battery, and the other way uses hardwire charging. Therefore, if your doorbell battery isn’t charging, try switching the two wires (usually one red and one white) on the terminal connections so the hardwiring can charge your Ring doorbell.

Hi @Living-Da-Dream! If you are using a Plug In Adapter for the Pro, please make sure it is securely plugged in to a working outlet, as well as checking that the breaker is not tripped or turned off for that outlet. After sometime, if it still does not power up I recommend reaching out to our support team for further assistance. :slight_smile: